Mar 312009

With all the shenanigans of governments let’s do one simple thing.
Let us simplify a big aspect of people’s lives.

A flat tax must be introduced in the USA and UK and for my benefit ( ! ) in Greece.

The excessive costs, bureaucracy, angst, agony and time consuming nonsense that has to be born by every individual, certainly every money earner – of interpreting and complying with tax rules and regulations, concessions, allowances, exemptions, exclusions is a waste and it is unnecessary.

One exemption begets an imbalance in the economy which begets a plea for another exemption or special treatment which begets another special treatment or exemption.

A 10-15% tax on all income over a minimum livable level (that of course has to be argued over, debated, defined and decided upon). That’s it, that simple.

No vested interest concessions, no fooling around… a simple let people get on with their lives and do better things idea whose time has come. whose time is now.

The complexity and conflicting, confusing tax structures must go, only a lunatic could have created this monster with endlessly growing matrix, maze and tentacles. A very warped lunatic (sic!).

Why oh why do we all put up with it.

Now – when money itself seems to be at risk of risk of….

Flat Tax, freedom and prosperity built on a solid foundation.

It IS possible.

Say yes to it. embrace it, push it, welcome it and get on with your life – once and for all unfettered by the rising damp, the rot-setting-in nature of politically motivated tax manipulation.

Flat Tax – if you care.

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