Jan 112008

A thought pops to mind (more than that really, but here goes…).

Now the pound sterling is weakening and the UK economy is showing shaky signs of an overblown whale near sharp rocks, the poor dollar may soon return to its currency-of-the-world status.

The dollar has probably never lost that status amongst those responsible for the biggest money movements, trades, switches and flips around the world. The constant flow of dollar-impoverishing news has just been adding enough fuel to the prevailing winds of a dollar economy (USA) with many cyclical and bubble-formed weaknesses, to keep it in the discount bin at the money supermarkets.

This is very likely to change.

When and why?

If the UK pound sterling continues to show weakness (there are definitely some serious rusting/leaking/structure-failing/wishful-thinking of past years, ingredients which may show up soon, adding to the “”hanging-on-to-the-end-of-a-rope”” housing market…commercial property to follow soon) this will avert some fixed gazes from the US dollar to the pound, relieving or diffusing some of the dollar negativity.

But this alone will not change everything. There are always many wild cards, many unlikely or unpredicted events that could add to or subtract from this direction.

The big change would happen if the old Euro zone countries start to be seen as weak, as suffering from the same maladies or similar-in-effect ones, as the USA and the UK.

In the end the USA has the currency of world trade, has a monumental and dynamic enterprise-fuelled economy with less snuffing-out bureaucracy than all the old European economies And Europe is not isolated by some magic economic airbag, no country is nor are any group of countries.

So if Euro-using countries get some bad press as they one-by-one appear to have problems, if this happens, we then have the UK pound and the Euro looking bad….well, that alone is a huge image-inflating boost for – in contrast – the, yes, US dollar.

A thought.