Apr 062010

When the man who presided over the inception of recession and who spent Britain heavily into debt even when the country was in growth and bubbling prosperity phase says “The people of this country have fought too hard to get Britain on the road to recovery to allow anybody to take us back on to the road to recession,” – you know he maketh no sense…just nonsense. These were the words of Gordon Brown – the man who can bring a country down.

Let David Cameron show his worth and let us also keep an eye on him, urge him on, let the party which “should” be a little closer in taking us towards free enterprise, invention, creativity, discovery and prosperity take the reigns.

Any old fool can spend. But few take the time to build, to be bold, to lead and look forward. We know the fool, we are not sure about the new guy – but it’s a better bet than the Big Brother embracing, spend-out-of-your-pocket controlling creature of the past.

So we endorse David Cameron as the next Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – with our support comes a watchful eye, and a warning – so not be mealy-mouthed, do not be wishy-washy but lead and restore the liberties of a country of liberty, encourage enterprise amongst the nation of shopkeepers, have the strength to stand back and let the people prosper and remove the cancerous tendrils of diseased government meddling.

Upon England’s green and pleasant land.