Jul 232019

Were we sliding to the right or gliding left?

At that moment, panicked and surprised by how the ice turned the world on edge and made stability an illusion and vanishing chance, pray for luck, we knew nothing. No fact no idea, no news, no system, no quote, no trick, no advice, no wriggle, nothing could help.

Except, and accepting to submit to the surprise like an undulation, a wave of pleasure.

Fleeting moments, static in memory, vapid on that second of realization, are where life touches the edge of an atomic-particle-sharp-knife-edge on which we must balance.

Being alive, a live being, spruced for a fall into the mist of nature.

Rise and trend.

Also alert, also breathing, also heart beating, also clear, also monopolized in one thought, yet it’s not a thought, it’s an atomic split. Louder and quieter than anything, ever.

That sharp, that clear.