Dec 232012

Swiss Chocolate On A Cold Eve In Honolulu

I see it on the horizon

a light so small and intensely luminous

shines a message at me

We’re always in touch,

we do not need to speak

glad I reached you just at sunset

while you listen to an alpine shot Swiss radio broadcast

it is news from Berne wending its way across the spume and spray of wave crests

hitting and bouncing Off mountain peaks

diffused by trees, ferns and yet-to-bloom branches

chilled in snow-laden winds

warmed as warm water currents moderate

and received down this metal rod

How ironic – is it

How pleasing, vain Switzerland sounds warm!

Spiky alps and best-in-the-world milk chocolate

with such precision

signalled out to this much concrete laid island in the tropics!

Friday February 16th 1996