Dec 232012

Song 1

I think they see the truth

Think they know, they understand

It’s not just the glory of playing, singing with the band

It’s not just the height …..something … right

The fuel for every noble fight

Hard glory of every night

Keep it light – she said – keep it light, just keep it light

But I want to hold her so tight, only tight

There’s love in the air I breathe

More time to realize you’re mine

Take me to the well where I’ll drink sweet water

that potion of sheer vision and bright emotion

My body feels, my mind reels

Let it flow down to the heel of life

I think you know the story told

No greater reward, satisfaction

Eyes light the moon’s height

and breathing something fine

will turn truth into the sweetest living wine

Keep it light, keep it light… just keep it light

I will hold you tight, so tight…. so, tight forever