Apr 202010

No compensation should be paid by governments for costs and loss of business caused by the recent volcanic ash emitted from a volcano in Iceland.

Those who are affected personally and as a business would be too long a list even if it were correct to do so.

Airlines have so far, the loudest voices, but let’s look at all those who would “deserve” compensation for losses, in addition:
Cheese importers in Japan, flower growers in Kenya, hotel and travel company owners in Crete, Mallorca, Sicily, Lisbon, and hundreds of other regions towns and villages across Europe, business start-ups worldwide, business travelers and their employers, individuals and individual families, the list goes on and on.

Governments could not even print (even though they love printing) enough money to compensate all who have a “right” to compensation – a “right” just as much as airlines or any other entities.

What government can do is adopt patient and sympathetic policies to individuals and businesses (of every size) whose possibly fragile existence before ash reached the skies, was already challenged and in some cases will now reached the end of an inelastic rope.

Anyway – I want my share too!