Dec 232012

In the light of day

The grey shield obscures bright higher truths
or so it seems
Events overwhelm, small as they may be
a greater glory I think.
Happiness, always here
is resident in my heart
when grey clouds assume their temporary rule
there is learning to assume
there are flames to shape and grow
The burn of brightness and a moment’s delight
the times of grey and dour thoughts,
dragged by powerful evil anchors
are fleeting
I am reminded, with strength
here comes the sun.

Dec 232012

Just Don’t know

The bureau is imploding
the men with noticeable bellies
always-unbuttoned jackets
bulging breast pockets
ever ready shades
left unprotected and accused
their impatience
either fictional
or self importance
or real
but people just don’t know…

Dec 232012

Justice, Justice, Justice

They say you were
I know you were a great man

I hope so because we need a great good person
to thank
to think
to love and lord
above the sinking cloud of inspired wisdom
Thank you for what you did
The strength, that’s what was most important
valuable yes
we never met
but I thank you for your gifts to us all

Dec 232012

The Great Robbery

Bring us your incapable and we’ll adjust things down to their level
For everyone
So they can cope

Bring us your unwilling
It’s alright they need not cope

Let the unwilling be provided for
Let the incapable be delivered a table – we can spare one

This is not a material thing
This is not a cultural thing
We are here and we foster their ways

Once in,
to everyone as to his needs
give it to them as they please
Where spirit is eroded and placid ignorance encouraged
There will be a majority soon and they will vote to be given
whatever they need
as the land is stripped of gilded ideas and prosper here, will the self destructive disease

Value, honour and honesty due not discriminate