Aug 132020


I hate the phrase take the win.

But when pundits, and radio and TV journalists talk about a politician who may succeed a maniacal tyrant, they cannot surely be serious when they nitpick and find little petty criticisms.

When a democracy has become a banana republic run by a thug, anything even slightly blemished should have my support if it could dislodge and expel the neo-dictator.

When the ruler is a criminal, and is ruining his own country more than any threat to it or attack on it in history, the only job is to be rid of him.

So take the….well make the new candidates, win!

Aug 092020


At what age did I start to think.

Not the wondering whether I’d get extra ice cream, the curiosity that made me ask big questions.

Why are their bad politicians and no-one is susprised?

Why do we have problems we can solve…they’re still here.

Who is the wisest person in the world?

If bridges can be constructed so they never collapse why do bridges collapse all the time?

If being good makes you happy why do some good people seem so unhappy?

If we invented nuclear fusion why doesn’t everyone have water to drink that keeps them well instead of making them ill?

Why didn’t you tell me that asking the question doesn’t immediately solve the problem?

But the day came when I started to think “perhaps I can do that”.

It’s a start.

Jul 312020

I know you know

I know you know what I’m thinking

I don’t need to tell you that

Or that

And those things will be obvious

And then

I wonder if you did know what I was thinking

Because I think you did not

This is coffee not tea

It’s Wednesday and you didn’t do what I thought you would on Tuesday

I wanted to live by the sea and we seem to be cradled halfway up the highest mountain I’ve ever seen

I know you said blue but I thought I would give you yellow

Never mentioned a thing

I wonder if you do know what I was thinking

I will not ask if you knew

Maybe I should not think

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Jul 302020

A solid idea is a good one

Who says this now in this twentieth modern age, for there have been many

We are trembling with words such as good and should

We dislike softness yet are uncomfortable with the solid

When walking we should hold our head up and we should look at the world around us

We should notice other people

We should feel when it’s right to greet them and it often is

Silent isolation out in the world is damaging to all involved, or perhaps we should say uninvolved

We shall now think of good and bright, colorful and slight

We shall throw sparks of high humor and deep insight around like a confetti made of ancient wisdom dressed in current cause

Jul 282020

We have a murderer as president – a nation is in peril

The trouble is that so many people support this “person”

Those who don’t are seemingly merrily getting on with their lives

That’s what happened with Hitler

The trouble is this “person” is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and teaching hatred to millions

When ignorance is worshiped and the unifying force of an ideology of hate and negativity become acceptable, we have a problem

It is a big problem because we need to save lives and we need to save a nation.

Mar 262020

Striving for wisdom, acting – do the thing that produces things.

We create, produce and try.

We encourage and strive to find answers.

We make the world a better place, sometimes for but one person at a time and sometimes, in those special moments we add the nectar of smiling progress to a group, a crowd a planet

Dec 232012


Desire, I thought.
Too polite.
Guts then.
Blood, veins, neurology.
There’s a life.
Oh take me in your arms and try to touch me, if you will
I have a tall secret.
That’s more like it.
Well, actually I was just exclaiming…. an expletive.
Get on with it.
That would help.

Dec 232012


From stature and strength do true grace and opportunity spring
It is time as always to let bells of thanks, sorrow and joy all at once, ring
If from one, does another spring, as must
We each have knowledge carried from our ancestors into which can tap
We grow and seek for this gift