Oct 162020

Shop set us up.

We would never have bought so much

Never that

I could have made it better

It was a spur of the moment thing

Impulse buy


How stupid

Not stupid, how dare anyone say that

Just in-cautious, rushed and un-calculated.

Is anything the Wrong thing at all we wonder.

Better leave serious thinking until after sunrise and let dreams repair the punctures.

Aug 312020

Floating in the powdery light of a pine forest

I saw eagles unable to enter my world.

But they were there.

Always waiting for me and you.

Where they swooped or stretched to cruise in flow and suspension, we pushed and pumped, and flexed and exerted ourselves.

We will study them

It is so easy to see their movements but harder to see into their souls, their engines of existence and fancifully…their play.

We drive back on swooping roads feeling surreptitiously possessing of wings.

Aug 122020


We’re closed.

You saw the sign on the door.

What more?

Come tomorrow there’ll things we’ll be happy for you to borrow.

We can’t make a word follow another in the way we’d like.

Tongue-twisted and slightly resisted.

Another day and the oil will come.

Slide and time to bide.

Strays look longingly at our pots and pans.

They hope they can maybe stay.

There’s nothing more we can say.

None available today.

Tomorrow feels good and sits atop the bay.

Aug 102020


Yes, I want to talk about happy things and smile and see everyone smile and sing and dance and all that good stuff.

Today, give me a moment, I can’t seem to do that.

Today the world is not complying with this happy thing.

War, latent destruction, dismal disregard and suchlike.

But I, soon after despair kicks me in the chest and belly at the same time, when I’m not looking, find the sky revealing sun and soaring proud eagles and then it is all searing happy moments.

No trying, just surprise. Only sweet and fine. Every time!

Aug 052020

You can try a bit more

I think I have some in the cupboard

I’ll buy it for you

Tell me how you like it

Next time we’ll go together

Jul 312020

I know you know

I know you know what I’m thinking

I don’t need to tell you that

Or that

And those things will be obvious

And then

I wonder if you did know what I was thinking

Because I think you did not

This is coffee not tea

It’s Wednesday and you didn’t do what I thought you would on Tuesday

I wanted to live by the sea and we seem to be cradled halfway up the highest mountain I’ve ever seen

I know you said blue but I thought I would give you yellow

Never mentioned a thing

I wonder if you do know what I was thinking

I will not ask if you knew

Maybe I should not think

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Jun 012018

The indiscretion of small seeds and hugs.


See me hidden, barely visible at least, almost under a rug.


I rage with the happiness of fools, the delight of wise wonders and the ecstasy of scientific saints.


The spring within me flourishes, trickles, runs, dances and stands upright like supreme voltage arcing from earth to sky.


The colors of multi-rainbows, heathen bright sparks, and heartfelt dissuasions.


Hurled happy forwardness.


Bold and unknowing of duress.


The sparkle, iridescence, of gods.

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May 222018

I found it

No I did

We can’t tell who was first and that is all that seems to matter

It was years ago and we got hotter, more heated about this thing until …

It just lay scrapped and loud, shouting and oh so proud

A tatter

We could have been friends

Sep 122013

It is a drizzle in a wet fizzle


Thick enough to make a soup blush


It’s a skin moisturizer


And enough to make any powder turn into  mix


It’s not enough to wash


Just enough to moisten


Could ruin postage stamps except those no longer lickable


It’s the biggest drizzle since records began


Hold out your hand and try to fill a cup with water, you can


It’s getting wet so slowly there is sure to be a ban

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Dec 232012

Like a soap opera actress

She looks like a soap opera actress
Her expressions betray her
She talks like a soap opera actress
Her voice pitch informs us
She smiles, with concern and sudsy compassion…like a soap opera actress
The raised eyebrow shows her surprise and concern
She says she has learnt from her mistakes – like a soap opera actress