Jun 012018

The indiscretion of small seeds and hugs.


See me hidden, barely visible at least, almost under a rug.


I rage with the happiness of fools, the delight of wise wonders and the ecstasy of scientific saints.


The spring within me flourishes, trickles, runs, dances and stands upright like supreme voltage arcing from earth to sky.


The colors of multi-rainbows, heathen bright sparks, and heartfelt dissuasions.


Hurled happy forwardness.


Bold and unknowing of duress.


The sparkle, iridescence, of gods.

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May 222018

I found it

No I did

We can’t tell who was first and that is all that seems to matter

It was years ago and we got hotter, more heated about this thing until …

It just lay scrapped and loud, shouting and oh so proud

A tatter

We could have been friends

Sep 122013

It is a drizzle in a wet fizzle


Thick enough to make a soup blush


It’s a skin moisturizer


And enough to make any powder turn into  mix


It’s not enough to wash


Just enough to moisten


Could ruin postage stamps except those no longer lickable


It’s the biggest drizzle since records began


Hold out your hand and try to fill a cup with water, you can


It’s getting wet so slowly there is sure to be a ban

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Dec 232012

Like a soap opera actress

She looks like a soap opera actress
Her expressions betray her
She talks like a soap opera actress
Her voice pitch informs us
She smiles, with concern and sudsy compassion…like a soap opera actress
The raised eyebrow shows her surprise and concern
She says she has learnt from her mistakes – like a soap opera actress

Dec 232012

Muse Hair

A hot pan a hot pan
the camera slides in and out as on a lubricated tendril of aloe vera
no one knows the same thing
no two people sink or swim together unless one is buoyed at some point by the other
sad – no
just true
an understanding of this – as full as possible is needed
at least often
if relating is to be possible

Dec 232012

Hey me

Who cares if your mother wears Nikes
Who cares if you do
Who cares if you wear British Nights
Who cares if you wear L.A. Gear
You do
Who cares if you wear Polo shirts
Who cares if you wear all black
Who cares if you wear sneakers
Who cares if you wear patent leather shoes
You do
No confessions on Easter Sunday

Dec 232012

Finding the tune

I wish to complain
But I don’t want to be a pain
So I won’t complain
I will just walk on down the lane

I wish to talk
But I don’t want to interrupt
So I won’t talk
I will just hang my head in silent shame

I’d like to breath
But I don’t want to ruffle your feathers
So I’ll hold my breath

I will become very still and never speak again

But perhaps I’ll change
I have a tune you know

I’ll make music

Sing songs

Use my brain

Shine bright

Be loud at dawn

Be the party they all seek at night

Dec 232012

She Wondered

She looked at the conquering hilltops and wondered
How did anyone arrive there?
The parties would come from far-flung lands
With ropes and metal brackets
To make their approach
Instead of wonder when she was one year older
She just looked down and enjoyed the gleaming sun
Reflected in her silver brooch

Dec 232012

Rice and Wisdom

Underneath the milky way
They will talk and have their say
Explain it all – say it twice
See it come and go in a thrice
“This is the wisdom” said he
“Just eat a piece of rice”

Dec 232012

I want ice cream

I want ice cream now

because I remember it tasted so good

that time we ate it together out of a bowl made of wood.

I want it less because they are offering me a paper plate

and that won’t do because if I eat it that way I will

never remember the date

Give me the bowl that the ice cream came in

I want ice cream and I want it now

Please give me ice cream like you know you should