Apr 182021

We’re almost there

Where are you

On the way – two minutes

We’re looking out for you

We see you

Oh here you are

So good to be here

Glad you got here

You look well

You too

Back together again

Let’s sit and look at that wonderful view

Remember the old times

Oct 162020

Shop set us up.

We would never have bought so much

Never that

I could have made it better

It was a spur of the moment thing

Impulse buy


How stupid

Not stupid, how dare anyone say that

Just in-cautious, rushed and un-calculated.

Is anything the Wrong thing at all we wonder.

Better leave serious thinking until after sunrise and let dreams repair the punctures.

Aug 312020

Floating in the powdery light of a pine forest

I saw eagles unable to enter my world.

But they were there.

Always waiting for me and you.

Where they swooped or stretched to cruise in flow and suspension, we pushed and pumped, and flexed and exerted ourselves.

We will study them

It is so easy to see their movements but harder to see into their souls, their engines of existence and fancifully…their play.

We drive back on swooping roads feeling surreptitiously possessing of wings.

Aug 102020


Yes, I want to talk about happy things and smile and see everyone smile and sing and dance and all that good stuff.

Today, give me a moment, I can’t seem to do that.

Today the world is not complying with this happy thing.

War, latent destruction, dismal disregard and suchlike.

But I, soon after despair kicks me in the chest and belly at the same time, when I’m not looking, find the sky revealing sun and soaring proud eagles and then it is all searing happy moments.

No trying, just surprise. Only sweet and fine. Every time!

Aug 102020


The crunchy crisp apple.

The sound as I bite into the fruit, the skin gives, the juice and pulp gives its gift.

Refreshing in a way nothing else is, it seems to clean and restore to original condition.

A reliable thing.

If it’s a good one it gives predictable measure of cleansing and taste and the reverential feeling of doing you good.

Aug 082020

Easy Lanes

Trees hold me tightly as I touch the pedal and I am moved forward with a propulsion and certainty I never expected

This is a Cheetah, a car with the best traction and surety ever

Like a glove moves when you bend your fingers this car responds as if to my thoughts

It sounds like an enlarged Swiss watch with an attitude

No curve in the road can fool the steering or the grip of tires

Everywhere I stop in this fathomless dream of automotive engineering people want to be taken for a drive

It is not electric

It is powered by atomic will and endless supply

It never hurts anyone and unless the shape or color begins to lose interest it will last a lifetime

Country lanes have never felt more like the keys of a piano to a pianist

We all want to drive now

Aug 062020


I loved reading the book, but how sad.

Sad that this was one I could not write.

Wrongly so. It turned out what I would write was enjoyed by many and even celebrated by some of them every year.

When you look up at a sculpture you might feel smaller, not that gargantuan eighteen feet tall.

When I looked skyward at the thirty stories of a new building, I wondered how I would ever get to the top.

Now, I am higher than the highest floor and my feet are planted firmly on the ground.

Aug 032020

Sound of tin and thunder

I hear the rumbling, the aggravation of rocks, the tremor of concerned skies.

There, beneath all that are the voices of tin. Surly yet weak and wavering they say things that cannot be true and even their songs fall short.

Here we are now with two coins and a banker’s table ready to count all the wrong things.

One day the crystal clear waters will ripple a bit when we mention these memories as if with a tremor of fear at the thought.

We’ve passed the clearing and can see the open vistas ahead.

What was learned thousands of years ago and seemed so solid is true.

And we can sing with strong voice, forte, vibrato-convinced.

Senses and sense, somnolent decor and fighting awakening with the energy of a sapling over time.

Aug 032020

Dripping with laughter we saw an opportunity for continual life and learning.

Beckoned sweetly and with a frame, a reference become blurred by the waving hands of giants.

Some say something others not at all.

We are not tall not small and feel ready to break out of this sore and sodden middle ground.

Telling me things she’d never mentioned before, he swallowed as if a piece of chicken were caught unfortunately.

We are discovering time and we have answers simmering.

A day is too long and too short to stay.

Jul 302020

A solid idea is a good one

Who says this now in this twentieth modern age, for there have been many

We are trembling with words such as good and should

We dislike softness yet are uncomfortable with the solid

When walking we should hold our head up and we should look at the world around us

We should notice other people

We should feel when it’s right to greet them and it often is

Silent isolation out in the world is damaging to all involved, or perhaps we should say uninvolved

We shall now think of good and bright, colorful and slight

We shall throw sparks of high humor and deep insight around like a confetti made of ancient wisdom dressed in current cause