Jul 232019

Were we sliding to the right or gliding left?

At that moment, panicked and surprised by how the ice turned the world on edge and made stability an illusion and vanishing chance, pray for luck, we knew nothing. No fact no idea, no news, no system, no quote, no trick, no advice, no wriggle, nothing could help.

Except, and accepting to submit to the surprise like an undulation, a wave of pleasure.

Fleeting moments, static in memory, vapid on that second of realization, are where life touches the edge of an atomic-particle-sharp-knife-edge on which we must balance.

Being alive, a live being, spruced for a fall into the mist of nature.

Rise and trend.

Also alert, also breathing, also heart beating, also clear, also monopolized in one thought, yet it’s not a thought, it’s an atomic split. Louder and quieter than anything, ever.

That sharp, that clear.

Feb 252014

Water fell like lead weights

Rivers had street maps

Drains spouted like gargoyle’d fountains

I saw the sky as a giant gutter draining from above

Sudden silence


A world washed, bathed, rinsed

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Sep 122013

Tribute to John Lee Hooker no.11


I gotta shoe on my foot

An’ there’s one on the ceiling

I’m walking along….one shoe missing

I gotta be careful

Cause there’s a snake a’hissing

I’m walking ‘em down the street

Do’know where that other shoe went

There’s a shoe on da ceiling

A snake a’hissing

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Dec 232012

Swiss Chocolate On A Cold Eve In Honolulu

I see it on the horizon

a light so small and intensely luminous

shines a message at me

We’re always in touch,

we do not need to speak

glad I reached you just at sunset

while you listen to an alpine shot Swiss radio broadcast

it is news from Berne wending its way across the spume and spray of wave crests

hitting and bouncing Off mountain peaks

diffused by trees, ferns and yet-to-bloom branches

chilled in snow-laden winds

warmed as warm water currents moderate

and received down this metal rod

How ironic – is it

How pleasing, vain Switzerland sounds warm!

Spiky alps and best-in-the-world milk chocolate

with such precision

signalled out to this much concrete laid island in the tropics!

Friday February 16th 1996

Dec 232012


It really is the back,
between the blades,
not as revealing though smooth and silk-sheen at best
muscles help
and a revealing contour as blades, defining bone and strength
move, change shape, flex

the curve inwards in between

a woman’s back her shoulders – alive
a polite promise,
nothing so basely open, nothing so certain of the sex
This area, like a spring valley between mountain ranges
a devastating area because it gives so much and offers more without compulsion, all wonder and glory at creation of shape, touch, taste, texture and smell,
demure or proud, aggressive or luring gentle
The back and the shoulders – yes please…

Dec 232012

Just wrote it as it came with that desert night – and the music

people on the street, going to eat a bite of the town, a light before it’s down,
a night while it’s playing
while the sounds drown
easy in the heat
there’s no other way
let’s just play
she plies her trade
lit up with gems of another decade
I’ll talk and debate – my feelings have a specific weight
passionate pause and delicate gate
we’ll take off and sail through heaven’s gate
Oh! there are flavours, it’s best with the emerald syrup
but we’re running out – you’ll have to wait
My eyes, my ears, the breath of winds cinnamoned with fragrance
it’s a light from the signs and it’s never too late
Desperate only to prolong this spell, sinking in and holding on well
you, I, you and I, we will, we will – because we are still
in the bounds of energy,
we are allergic only to dull, only the hinges on the doors serve no purpose
we set and design our magic, its course is right
such a merry plight
soon we will make a difference – we always did, we always will
sensitive to a change in wind – but unswayed
hearing the shouts – but undeterred
tasting the candle wick – though, flickering always alight
brimming with the brave, the searing belief does not beget defeat
so stride with me, amble and wander, see and learn
listen and perceive
laugh and be surprised of the dawn of the way awakening never has been predicted
seal nothing
stand stable, secured and supporting a globe made of heavy rice paper
saw through the soft plasticity of smoke emanating from a mythical pact of peace
a joy unbounded
a night to remember – who could forget that moment made of hours
who could not continue living those seasons
it is now still
it still is wondrous, special, needing nurturing pampering,
naturally attracting it .
A spell, a gift and so generous, crystal cut with a million precise strokes of thousands of skilled hands
File in one by one, just you
Thank you.
I recharge on every breath, I replenish on every vision,
I am restored in every portion of part of a second
Thank you.

Dec 232012


Two who love weaving our cherished paths learning our furrowed pasts
we both yearn and long
for new roads with a love we can shape
travelling as the river
slowly, surely
no mountain an obstacle we cannot weave around
no rocky decline
we can not rush down
and leave an imprint
upon our land

Dec 232012

Beauty in bites

There is a caution in the shining cars
The knights have armour stolen
before the joust begins
Tables covered with crumbs of movie delight
Iced tea pours the fight
There is a bump on the horizon
and the scenes of terror rise in the day
hope eating a desert
as nocturnal edifices reach out
into the hidden fingers of night
In fast, forgotten wings of frenzy
breath, breathes sighs
and gentle ears slope in mountain flight.

Dec 232012

Yellen (brightness in Africa)

Water droplets have fallen
by the wayside
warmed we are in rays
of golden health

Brightness buzzes and raises
hope and faith
All possible in the land of the free
which is somewhere we are free
The tame days bring life
to our table
fruits of passion, love and
inspired motives
Acts committed in generous joy
The wealth of life lived and not endured
ripens our existence
gives a flourish of
pure blood and crystal
that clear and easy breath

No one is consumed except by
Time to moderate only mediocrity
Torrents of meaning undefined
will imbue and alert for us
lively particles
with good humour and
wishes full of hope

Dec 232012

Welcome Awakening

Sitting in the bashful heat
of spring
rivers preparing to ebb and slow

Thorns, shoots, flowers and
hibernating souls

A start of opened eyes
a road of un-swept
dreams will receive their
fuel and spell a harmonious tune
wind, rustling leaves turn water
And sounds are bemusing as they are new