Dec 232012

Just wrote it as it came with that desert night – and the music

people on the street, going to eat a bite of the town, a light before it’s down,
a night while it’s playing
while the sounds drown
easy in the heat
there’s no other way
let’s just play
she plies her trade
lit up with gems of another decade
I’ll talk and debate – my feelings have a specific weight
passionate pause and delicate gate
we’ll take off and sail through heaven’s gate
Oh! there are flavours, it’s best with the emerald syrup
but we’re running out – you’ll have to wait
My eyes, my ears, the breath of winds cinnamoned with fragrance
it’s a light from the signs and it’s never too late
Desperate only to prolong this spell, sinking in and holding on well
you, I, you and I, we will, we will – because we are still
in the bounds of energy,
we are allergic only to dull, only the hinges on the doors serve no purpose
we set and design our magic, its course is right
such a merry plight
soon we will make a difference – we always did, we always will
sensitive to a change in wind – but unswayed
hearing the shouts – but undeterred
tasting the candle wick – though, flickering always alight
brimming with the brave, the searing belief does not beget defeat
so stride with me, amble and wander, see and learn
listen and perceive
laugh and be surprised of the dawn of the way awakening never has been predicted
seal nothing
stand stable, secured and supporting a globe made of heavy rice paper
saw through the soft plasticity of smoke emanating from a mythical pact of peace
a joy unbounded
a night to remember – who could forget that moment made of hours
who could not continue living those seasons
it is now still
it still is wondrous, special, needing nurturing pampering,
naturally attracting it .
A spell, a gift and so generous, crystal cut with a million precise strokes of thousands of skilled hands
File in one by one, just you
Thank you.
I recharge on every breath, I replenish on every vision,
I am restored in every portion of part of a second
Thank you.