Aug 052020


We want to know you and your status. Are you well and are you fit – we’re testing.

It could be that you have a spectral imagination, or perhaps you hum the answers to big questions as a sonic solution.

We love the bite we took, we love the way you look.

We, are me and my parallel twin, if there are two of us who can anyone blame?

You have invented many things, we, me, us, invent ourselves more than one at a time.

I hope you enjoyed meeting them, me or us.

Time to go. Time to smile a goodbye.

Who is leaving and who will stay – a question you might say.

Aug 012020

We and they are together yet we did not see another person at the beginning

Trembling with amusement and gesturing with excitement not seen since the inception we cook up senses like a breakfast omelette

We just want to see you on holiday telling stories, jokes and witty verbal missives

The retreat to sounds, words and shapes should bring us to a conclusion

Sep 122013

Pylon to you


Looking at that power line

There’s more than one

Great thick cables reduced to a thread

From where I stand I could be in bed

Sky high those cables pylon to pylon

Big insulators glistening in the sun

Power to the people

Power to you and me

Power across the hills, valleys and the trees

Down the alley, to my house

That other day when the power went out

I was walking along in the darkness,

Collided with a woman, she thought I was a lager lout

Just because the power went out

Left us in the darkness

Made her shout

Dec 232012

Song 1

I think they see the truth

Think they know, they understand

It’s not just the glory of playing, singing with the band

It’s not just the height …..something … right

The fuel for every noble fight

Hard glory of every night

Keep it light – she said – keep it light, just keep it light

But I want to hold her so tight, only tight

There’s love in the air I breathe

More time to realize you’re mine

Take me to the well where I’ll drink sweet water

that potion of sheer vision and bright emotion

My body feels, my mind reels

Let it flow down to the heel of life

I think you know the story told

No greater reward, satisfaction

Eyes light the moon’s height

and breathing something fine

will turn truth into the sweetest living wine

Keep it light, keep it light… just keep it light

I will hold you tight, so tight…. so, tight forever

Dec 062011


Sitting with a ristretto

Con permisso

The road outside is oh so

Rhythm passes

People walk

On a train you travel

Iron roads to walk

Some days there is so much talk

But when you’re sitting iron roads talk

Con permisso

A ristretto

Iron roads to walk

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