Apr 182021

We’re almost there

Where are you

On the way – two minutes

We’re looking out for you

We see you

Oh here you are

So good to be here

Glad you got here

You look well

You too

Back together again

Let’s sit and look at that wonderful view

Remember the old times

Aug 132020


I hate the phrase take the win.

But when pundits, and radio and TV journalists talk about a politician who may succeed a maniacal tyrant, they cannot surely be serious when they nitpick and find little petty criticisms.

When a democracy has become a banana republic run by a thug, anything even slightly blemished should have my support if it could dislodge and expel the neo-dictator.

When the ruler is a criminal, and is ruining his own country more than any threat to it or attack on it in history, the only job is to be rid of him.

So take the….well make the new candidates, win!

Aug 122020


We’re closed.

You saw the sign on the door.

What more?

Come tomorrow there’ll things we’ll be happy for you to borrow.

We can’t make a word follow another in the way we’d like.

Tongue-twisted and slightly resisted.

Another day and the oil will come.

Slide and time to bide.

Strays look longingly at our pots and pans.

They hope they can maybe stay.

There’s nothing more we can say.

None available today.

Tomorrow feels good and sits atop the bay.

Aug 092020


At what age did I start to think.

Not the wondering whether I’d get extra ice cream, the curiosity that made me ask big questions.

Why are their bad politicians and no-one is susprised?

Why do we have problems we can solve…they’re still here.

Who is the wisest person in the world?

If bridges can be constructed so they never collapse why do bridges collapse all the time?

If being good makes you happy why do some good people seem so unhappy?

If we invented nuclear fusion why doesn’t everyone have water to drink that keeps them well instead of making them ill?

Why didn’t you tell me that asking the question doesn’t immediately solve the problem?

But the day came when I started to think “perhaps I can do that”.

It’s a start.

Aug 052020

You can try a bit more

I think I have some in the cupboard

I’ll buy it for you

Tell me how you like it

Next time we’ll go together

Jul 292020

First, we must ask you where you bought that coat, but we will not do so.

We are a committee and we are terrible at asking questions and we are not here to entertain you!

Please fill in enough copies of any form we may deem appropriate and then we may one day, contact you.

Do not say anything we did not ask.

It confuses us. It may disqualify you.

Committees are only ever good when they are called something else.

Glad we cleared that up.

Jul 232019

Were we sliding to the right or gliding left?

At that moment, panicked and surprised by how the ice turned the world on edge and made stability an illusion and vanishing chance, pray for luck, we knew nothing. No fact no idea, no news, no system, no quote, no trick, no advice, no wriggle, nothing could help.

Except, and accepting to submit to the surprise like an undulation, a wave of pleasure.

Fleeting moments, static in memory, vapid on that second of realization, are where life touches the edge of an atomic-particle-sharp-knife-edge on which we must balance.

Being alive, a live being, spruced for a fall into the mist of nature.

Rise and trend.

Also alert, also breathing, also heart beating, also clear, also monopolized in one thought, yet it’s not a thought, it’s an atomic split. Louder and quieter than anything, ever.

That sharp, that clear.

May 032012

Your author wrote just before the election of the first “New” Labour government warning of the wolf in sheeps clothing, the unlikeliness of a party changing its core motives and beliefs and the dangers of electing a Labour government in Britain just to get rid of a slightly tarnished and tawdry Conservative bunch.

Now as Gordon Brown and his cronies (they are not so New just full of Newspeak [per George Orwell’s 1984]) are entrenched in positions where they are ruining the UK economy and spirit, the competitiveness, better institutions and so much more – it is time to wake up and see the untruth, the lies and false claims that have been made by these closet Socialist-Dictators.

Britain would do well to heed the warnings of the past and watch out for the populist-self-serving encumbents of the “New” Labour party and to take action and vote accordingly. Do this before Britain is craftily wasted into a poorest-in-Europe yet again.

Aug 112010

I have been an entrepreneur with companies in different industries—from airlines to health care, oil services, and exercise equipment—and I have had to deal with government in every one, at every step of the way. It’s a constant drain of time and energy. We could be in the 24th century today, in terms of technology, innovation, and wealth if it were not for all the controls that society puts on the individual. Whether it’s religion trying to control our spirit or government trying to control our lives—they take so much of the nectar from each life. It’s like a gun to your head, and you have to bargain constantly for permission to live and expand and find self-fulfillment.

John Aglialaro, producer of Atlas Shrugged movie