Jul 232019

Were we sliding to the right or gliding left?

At that moment, panicked and surprised by how the ice turned the world on edge and made stability an illusion and vanishing chance, pray for luck, we knew nothing. No fact no idea, no news, no system, no quote, no trick, no advice, no wriggle, nothing could help.

Except, and accepting to submit to the surprise like an undulation, a wave of pleasure.

Fleeting moments, static in memory, vapid on that second of realization, are where life touches the edge of an atomic-particle-sharp-knife-edge on which we must balance.

Being alive, a live being, spruced for a fall into the mist of nature.

Rise and trend.

Also alert, also breathing, also heart beating, also clear, also monopolized in one thought, yet it’s not a thought, it’s an atomic split. Louder and quieter than anything, ever.

That sharp, that clear.

May 032012

Your author wrote just before the election of the first “New” Labour government warning of the wolf in sheeps clothing, the unlikeliness of a party changing its core motives and beliefs and the dangers of electing a Labour government in Britain just to get rid of a slightly tarnished and tawdry Conservative bunch.

Now as Gordon Brown and his cronies (they are not so New just full of Newspeak [per George Orwell’s 1984]) are entrenched in positions where they are ruining the UK economy and spirit, the competitiveness, better institutions and so much more – it is time to wake up and see the untruth, the lies and false claims that have been made by these closet Socialist-Dictators.

Britain would do well to heed the warnings of the past and watch out for the populist-self-serving encumbents of the “New” Labour party and to take action and vote accordingly. Do this before Britain is craftily wasted into a poorest-in-Europe yet again.

Aug 112010

I have been an entrepreneur with companies in different industries—from airlines to health care, oil services, and exercise equipment—and I have had to deal with government in every one, at every step of the way. It’s a constant drain of time and energy. We could be in the 24th century today, in terms of technology, innovation, and wealth if it were not for all the controls that society puts on the individual. Whether it’s religion trying to control our spirit or government trying to control our lives—they take so much of the nectar from each life. It’s like a gun to your head, and you have to bargain constantly for permission to live and expand and find self-fulfillment.

John Aglialaro, producer of Atlas Shrugged movie

Apr 202010

No compensation should be paid by governments for costs and loss of business caused by the recent volcanic ash emitted from a volcano in Iceland.

Those who are affected personally and as a business would be too long a list even if it were correct to do so.

Airlines have so far, the loudest voices, but let’s look at all those who would “deserve” compensation for losses, in addition:
Cheese importers in Japan, flower growers in Kenya, hotel and travel company owners in Crete, Mallorca, Sicily, Lisbon, and hundreds of other regions towns and villages across Europe, business start-ups worldwide, business travelers and their employers, individuals and individual families, the list goes on and on.

Governments could not even print (even though they love printing) enough money to compensate all who have a “right” to compensation – a “right” just as much as airlines or any other entities.

What government can do is adopt patient and sympathetic policies to individuals and businesses (of every size) whose possibly fragile existence before ash reached the skies, was already challenged and in some cases will now reached the end of an inelastic rope.

Anyway – I want my share too!

Apr 162010

Oh Iceland

Now we receive your ash

After that big spending bash

You won’t pay back the lenders

We can smell the sulfur in the air

Why turn us all bear

The sky is grey

The airlines stay

Upon the ground

What no snow

No fog

No ice

can do

Your ash has won the weapons run

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Apr 062010

When the man who presided over the inception of recession and who spent Britain heavily into debt even when the country was in growth and bubbling prosperity phase says “The people of this country have fought too hard to get Britain on the road to recovery to allow anybody to take us back on to the road to recession,” – you know he maketh no sense…just nonsense. These were the words of Gordon Brown – the man who can bring a country down.

Let David Cameron show his worth and let us also keep an eye on him, urge him on, let the party which “should” be a little closer in taking us towards free enterprise, invention, creativity, discovery and prosperity take the reigns.

Any old fool can spend. But few take the time to build, to be bold, to lead and look forward. We know the fool, we are not sure about the new guy – but it’s a better bet than the Big Brother embracing, spend-out-of-your-pocket controlling creature of the past.

So we endorse David Cameron as the next Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – with our support comes a watchful eye, and a warning – so not be mealy-mouthed, do not be wishy-washy but lead and restore the liberties of a country of liberty, encourage enterprise amongst the nation of shopkeepers, have the strength to stand back and let the people prosper and remove the cancerous tendrils of diseased government meddling.

Upon England’s green and pleasant land.

Jan 192010

May this be a big year
Let it be a special year
Make it a splendid year for you
In some way – you can
And once decided
You will!

Me too!

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Dec 242009

Oh yes, Merry Christmas
You have been selected
Oh and a Happy New Year
You could be elected
Oh do say it now be true and be you

We have freedom in our hearts
We have truth in mind

Don’t eat too many tarts
These words are really kind

Oh yes, see the road as clear
It’s always a change when the date is changed
We know what is good and we know what is not

Have a good repast
What is better can be bested
Say goodbye to – every day – at least one fear

Now, you can proceed in fabulously good cheer !

Oct 082009

Hardly anyone, perhaps nobody, got what they wanted in Greece in last weekend’s national elections.

Only a brain-dead bacteria who has spent more than a few year’s in Greece could imagine that anyone really “wants” the new government and its politicians in power.

Greeks voted against the previous New Democracy government in large part because of the total lack of action at a time of nation-wide enthusiasm for change and improvement, a touch of honesty in a dishonest country. Kostas Karamanlis and his party failed more miserably than any failure in the past century to do anything, to lift a finger, to even twitch, towards the changes in a rotten state which they had been given a mandate for by a small majority of voters.

They had a chance those few years ago to erase some of the granite mountains, the marble walls of insane bureaucracy that prevent most progress, enterprise and signs of real life in a corrupt, nepotistic society. They acted not at all. They acted as if men of marble, or like frightened feeble creatures. They inspired not one bit, they disappointed very much. They showed courage and leadership, not at all.

Greeks live in a self-delusion that the one or two cousins in each extended family who are given favours by the party or candidate they vote into power makes up for the brutally incompetent, rude and ignorant majority of public sector employees who impoverish their daily lives, monetarily, spiritually and emotionally. A vastly inflated number are employed by the public sector, paid for out of the pockets of those who actually work and pay taxes. A number which should be swiftly cut in half (or more).

The country has close to no sense of enterprise en mass. The young are generally taught that any type of success is ill-gotten and not earned by effort, intelligence, use of imagination, courage, or effort – something also believed by far too large a number of adults.

The only way the country will rise above being a huge disappointment (occasionally diluted by a huge dollop of misplaced national pride) to all, is when Greeks decide to “own” their country again. To refuse to suffer the indignities and pathetic incompetence of their civil servants, to throw rotten tomatoes at the corrupt officials and members of parliament, to refuse to vote for a candidate just because he promises to pave the road up to their house, or promises to place their son in a public sector job with lifetime tenure (but surprise, surprise, a lifetime of wasteful pointlessness is the unseen freebie that goes as part and parcel of public sector employment in Greece). It will rise when an ingredient of being a successful politician is at least, the perception of being honest and forthright (currently no-one but a fool considers any politician in Greece to be honest until proven other than bent and gnarled by perverse dishonesty).

Time to wake up? There is always a new day, always a chance for better, brighter futures….perhaps you owe it to your children whom you claim to love so much, what about their futures?

Awake from your rotten, stale sleep and pave the way for the sweetest of dreams….a new and better reality.