May 032012

Your author wrote just before the election of the first “New” Labour government warning of the wolf in sheeps clothing, the unlikeliness of a party changing its core motives and beliefs and the dangers of electing a Labour government in Britain just to get rid of a slightly tarnished and tawdry Conservative bunch.

Now as Gordon Brown and his cronies (they are not so New just full of Newspeak [per George Orwell’s 1984]) are entrenched in positions where they are ruining the UK economy and spirit, the competitiveness, better institutions and so much more – it is time to wake up and see the untruth, the lies and false claims that have been made by these closet Socialist-Dictators.

Britain would do well to heed the warnings of the past and watch out for the populist-self-serving encumbents of the “New” Labour party and to take action and vote accordingly. Do this before Britain is craftily wasted into a poorest-in-Europe yet again.

Mar 312009

With all the shenanigans of governments let’s do one simple thing.
Let us simplify a big aspect of people’s lives.

A flat tax must be introduced in the USA and UK and for my benefit ( ! ) in Greece.

The excessive costs, bureaucracy, angst, agony and time consuming nonsense that has to be born by every individual, certainly every money earner – of interpreting and complying with tax rules and regulations, concessions, allowances, exemptions, exclusions is a waste and it is unnecessary.

One exemption begets an imbalance in the economy which begets a plea for another exemption or special treatment which begets another special treatment or exemption.

A 10-15% tax on all income over a minimum livable level (that of course has to be argued over, debated, defined and decided upon). That’s it, that simple.

No vested interest concessions, no fooling around… a simple let people get on with their lives and do better things idea whose time has come. whose time is now.

The complexity and conflicting, confusing tax structures must go, only a lunatic could have created this monster with endlessly growing matrix, maze and tentacles. A very warped lunatic (sic!).

Why oh why do we all put up with it.

Now – when money itself seems to be at risk of risk of….

Flat Tax, freedom and prosperity built on a solid foundation.

It IS possible.

Say yes to it. embrace it, push it, welcome it and get on with your life – once and for all unfettered by the rising damp, the rot-setting-in nature of politically motivated tax manipulation.

Flat Tax – if you care.

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Sep 192005

Too much of a European disease.
The temptation to find fault with the successful – America.
The temptation to sympathise with every despot in underprivileged countries – too many to name.

In Europe – but it’s a disease with worldwide roots alas – the successful are never good, only bad.
America which has a philosophy of freedom and individual merit is blamed whenever its actions are considered to fall short of perfection. The root of most derisory comments towards the world’s most prolific, productive and influential nation are simple – jealousy.

Instead of changing the insipid and uninspiring leadership in much of Europe, instead of shrinking the smothering fog of the mega-bureaucracy of the EU, many blame others for doing OK or better than them.

Human nature you say?  Well after thousands of years isn’t it time we took a few steps toward changing it?

May 032005

Let the lead taken by several east Europe countries and Russia be followed by the USA and UK.
A flat tax makes perfect sense morally and in terms of economics.

Just like artificial distorters of life – common agricultural policy being one example – it is time to put fairness and honesty, freedom and justice to the fore.

A flat tax would only be vehemently opposed by a few vested interests who have no right to earn what they do out of the ridiculously elaborate, costly, complex, energy and intellect-wasting tax regimes in most countires of the world. No right because their ride so far is fine , but it is not a right to have your government put in place such a complexc scheme of taxation that the very exixtence of it creates jobs, whether in the public (tax offices?) sector or tax attorneys and planners in the private sector.

A flat tax must be set at a very low rate – it needs to be below 20% and preferably in the teens to provide that \””compliance incentive\”” which will reduc eht enormous costs of enforcing taxation compliance and payment of tax.

The boost to enterprise, the worthwhile-ness of hiring (cretaing jobs) the worthwqhile-ness of working , being an entrepreneur, taking chances and moving forward – all will benefit.

Clearly in examples set by countries which have adopted the flat tax system actual tax revenue should increase in short order.
Productivity gains in the hours saved by the general population not having to spend days in tax form preparation and possibly, in not devising ways to avoid paying tax at all will be substantial.

No reason or excuse whould prevent this move forward – part of a general move which must be a new current towards fairness, liberty and justice worldwide.

OK America and Great Britain – do it now and let countries such a s Greece and Italy follow and then let the good times (flat tax) roll worldwide. Start!