May 032012

Your author wrote just before the election of the first “New” Labour government warning of the wolf in sheeps clothing, the unlikeliness of a party changing its core motives and beliefs and the dangers of electing a Labour government in Britain just to get rid of a slightly tarnished and tawdry Conservative bunch.

Now as Gordon Brown and his cronies (they are not so New just full of Newspeak [per George Orwell’s 1984]) are entrenched in positions where they are ruining the UK economy and spirit, the competitiveness, better institutions and so much more – it is time to wake up and see the untruth, the lies and false claims that have been made by these closet Socialist-Dictators.

Britain would do well to heed the warnings of the past and watch out for the populist-self-serving encumbents of the “New” Labour party and to take action and vote accordingly. Do this before Britain is craftily wasted into a poorest-in-Europe yet again.