Sep 192005

Too much of a European disease.
The temptation to find fault with the successful – America.
The temptation to sympathise with every despot in underprivileged countries – too many to name.

In Europe – but it’s a disease with worldwide roots alas – the successful are never good, only bad.
America which has a philosophy of freedom and individual merit is blamed whenever its actions are considered to fall short of perfection. The root of most derisory comments towards the world’s most prolific, productive and influential nation are simple – jealousy.

Instead of changing the insipid and uninspiring leadership in much of Europe, instead of shrinking the smothering fog of the mega-bureaucracy of the EU, many blame others for doing OK or better than them.

Human nature you say?  Well after thousands of years isn’t it time we took a few steps toward changing it?