Aug 082020

Easy Lanes

Trees hold me tightly as I touch the pedal and I am moved forward with a propulsion and certainty I never expected

This is a Cheetah, a car with the best traction and surety ever

Like a glove moves when you bend your fingers this car responds as if to my thoughts

It sounds like an enlarged Swiss watch with an attitude

No curve in the road can fool the steering or the grip of tires

Everywhere I stop in this fathomless dream of automotive engineering people want to be taken for a drive

It is not electric

It is powered by atomic will and endless supply

It never hurts anyone and unless the shape or color begins to lose interest it will last a lifetime

Country lanes have never felt more like the keys of a piano to a pianist

We all want to drive now

Aug 052020


We want to know you and your status. Are you well and are you fit – we’re testing.

It could be that you have a spectral imagination, or perhaps you hum the answers to big questions as a sonic solution.

We love the bite we took, we love the way you look.

We, are me and my parallel twin, if there are two of us who can anyone blame?

You have invented many things, we, me, us, invent ourselves more than one at a time.

I hope you enjoyed meeting them, me or us.

Time to go. Time to smile a goodbye.

Who is leaving and who will stay – a question you might say.

Aug 032020

Sound of tin and thunder

I hear the rumbling, the aggravation of rocks, the tremor of concerned skies.

There, beneath all that are the voices of tin. Surly yet weak and wavering they say things that cannot be true and even their songs fall short.

Here we are now with two coins and a banker’s table ready to count all the wrong things.

One day the crystal clear waters will ripple a bit when we mention these memories as if with a tremor of fear at the thought.

We’ve passed the clearing and can see the open vistas ahead.

What was learned thousands of years ago and seemed so solid is true.

And we can sing with strong voice, forte, vibrato-convinced.

Senses and sense, somnolent decor and fighting awakening with the energy of a sapling over time.

Jun 132016

I don’t care – hope not, try not – what people say

Next time we have coffee, next time we smile in passing you, we’re gonna get in the sway

We’re going in the direction we want,

we walk all day, talk work, talk high, talk low, not for show

We’re choosing the direction, we’re going this way

There’s something in that feeling you made, the thought you shed

I’ve got the strength and the view, and it’s fine

You can come too, come along now, you — yes you

I don’t care, but I’ll never give up

It’s… Our… Day…

It’s… Our… Day…

Our Day

Our Day


Our Day