Jun 012018

The indiscretion of small seeds and hugs.


See me hidden, barely visible at least, almost under a rug.


I rage with the happiness of fools, the delight of wise wonders and the ecstasy of scientific saints.


The spring within me flourishes, trickles, runs, dances and stands upright like supreme voltage arcing from earth to sky.


The colors of multi-rainbows, heathen bright sparks, and heartfelt dissuasions.


Hurled happy forwardness.


Bold and unknowing of duress.


The sparkle, iridescence, of gods.

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Dec 312004

Happy New Year to my world of readers and to my world.

At the same time I express my sympathy and support for those affected directly by the tumultuous earthquake in the Indian ocean this, the last month of 2004  (we all are affected – but those who are at the result of the most serious consequences deserve immediate support)

And with this – I launch the big, bold blog of