Jun 012018

The indiscretion of small seeds and hugs.


See me hidden, barely visible at least, almost under a rug.


I rage with the happiness of fools, the delight of wise wonders and the ecstasy of scientific saints.


The spring within me flourishes, trickles, runs, dances and stands upright like supreme voltage arcing from earth to sky.


The colors of multi-rainbows, heathen bright sparks, and heartfelt dissuasions.


Hurled happy forwardness.


Bold and unknowing of duress.


The sparkle, iridescence, of gods.

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Jul 012011

Why Poems and Songs?

This is a growing, wild garden of a collection which is at times joyful and at other times a more serious collection of muses, ideas and fanciful frolics. A bit of seasoning, comment and passionate pontificating.

PoemsandSongs.com is:

The singing and expression of some ideas and feelings. The painting of some pictures, organized, abstract or exploratory. Pure extracts of life.

Much of what appears here will be edited, molded, teased and polished over time. What appears at first Рsometimes an outpouring  Рmay be much changed at a second or subsequent visit.

So PoemsandSongs.com will sing and frolic with joyful and whimsical fun, it will also express strong views.

Why Poems and Songs? For the same reason a little child launches a paper boat to float in a stream and if brave, never looks back to follow its course.


Roger Ellman