Jul 282020

We have a murderer as president – a nation is in peril

The trouble is that so many people support this “person”

Those who don’t are seemingly merrily getting on with their lives

That’s what happened with Hitler

The trouble is this “person” is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and teaching hatred to millions

When ignorance is worshiped and the unifying force of an ideology of hate and negativity become acceptable, we have a problem

It is a big problem because we need to save lives and we need to save a nation.

Jul 272020

It was a twisted beginning

Sordid it was not.

Nor was it exciting.

It was tense and yet did not deliver the spark of expectation, the vision of a new future.

No. There was only a consensus view.

A common tone with a few exceptions, the bandits I liked.

Sometimes the main body is ugly or at best trite and predictable.

But at the same time I only want to be kind to all who tried.

So I will make my exit.

So long, good to have met and perhaps…

Jun 242019

It is not that I want to be seen smiling.

I like the idea but there is more at stake.

Even knowing that what happens now will change, it is hard to believe it when the gnawing feeling starts to digest all pleasure and satisfaction.

Perhaps we lose weight by allowing this acidic attack.

No evidence.

I get better at it, the internal smile, all the time and it is another reason to push life’s length even further and further as it gets even more rewarding and entertaining.

Jan 082019


Less ordinary she thought

More commanding he decided

Truly decisive they decided

But did they all need this?

What about just more, better and wider?

Feb 032016

On the doors a new sign said “enter”.

Even when nobody was there, when they were closed.

The thinking was that it was better to seem to be available at all times.

It worked for a while.

And then, there was a falling away.

Sep 122013

Achieving Presence


After the first day’s cup of coffee and before the second, I was musing over the fact that an Electric Ferrari with Google Drive super-system could drive through a village safely at 250 miles per hour where the road surface allowed. It would detect any life form and it’s approach as  well as any object, even the likelihood of a branch reaching the point it would fall from tree and thus where needed, slow the car.

So it would be able to detect any life-forms that stood a chance of    “Achieving Presence” anywhere near the road, within the time the car would pass.

Now, this is at long last…a Supercar!

Aug 052013

Of all reviews, few are fun

Some inform yet project not a hint of boiling, nor sizzle or feeling

I’d like for movies, food and frolic, to find a writer quite above

One who knows that the plot is not the lot

It’s what I feel, what you feel that seers the roast

All the rest of sliced bread toast!

Dec 232012

So early , still cool night

The day has not grown
No window of light in streets to start me
a news bulletin blares from the radio
the world seeps in
but not the light

The day has much promise
I have, anyway decided to achieve much
upon a deep well of nourishing ideas
I will sip and digest
and my limbs will shove night into day
thus will shine
if from dim roots
the demise of darkness

Dec 232012

Becoming quiet

My reach is for a level that is a quantum and uninfluenced
valley with a gentle slope
always mountains within reach, to climb
but sustainable
just here

I’m off for a run
If I think no further than this
I am happy and content
I know I will push myself
and breath deep
I know I will be happy at this small accomplishment
when I return
and drink hot tea
and, most odd, light a cigar
If I think beyond this going for a run
there may be mysteries, queries, problems or riddles to solve
and it gets more difficult


Dec 232012

Dizzy and Rudolf

Dizzy Gillespie and Rudolf Nureyev died today, together

Well not – together
but their demise on the same day was a lot to take
I mean apart from the sadness and loss their close friends and family might feel – who will fill their energetic and artful shoes?

It raises the question – does this happen – when “greats” disappear Is there a new genius or prominent talented being nurtured somewhere in India? Is he a teenager in Sumatra or a babe in arms in Rome as we speak? A sort of replacement for those lost and what they offered.