Dec 232012

Change my sight

I can’t see the world with eyes that are not mine
but that’s how I’ve been trained

I can’t like the people I don’t know
but that’s the way they remain

I can’t decide the truth of the show
but then real life is such a drain

I can’t decide if I want to take this

But then it’s mine for me to change

I can refocus
I can teach my sight

I can find the meaning and keep it by me
keep it tight

Dec 232012

What if they take it seriously?

What if they take it seriously?
They may discover
They may come to know those things
I close the curtains to conceal

What if….
take it seriously…
I may make a friend or two
But will they suspect me forever
of romantic feelings of dreamed thoughts
Will they disqualify me from
a responsible slot
from being a rung, strong enough to support
a climb to higher ground
I must cloak this expression of my soul
in warm and funny tones
What if….
If they are not kind
my words on their tongues
could kill.

What if they take it seriously
What of me then….
They may discover……

Dec 232012

Thought I could help

The pressure is great
it’s troubling because the striving of a friend seems to resemble
a child at play – picking up a toy and before examining all its gleam and pleasure has jumped and skipped to the next ploy
It’s troubling because … what do I say
It’s like a game I don’t want to join in
because I prefer another game but I do not want to discourage the child at play – if only because I know the toys I choose might not another, amuse!
It’s troubling – and I hope it works out,
like I admire a champion though I have no interest in his game.

Dec 092011

Bit of glitter

Can always do with a merry go round

A bit of a whirring light from the cafe above Things are moving into their places for Christmas Lights

Abit of glitter



Blue lights

Red and Green